We offer our services
face-to-face and virtually

"In diversity there is beauty and there is strength."

– Maya Angelou

Developing intercultural
competences through training and coaching

Intercultural competence is one of the key competences of leaders and employees in organizations, human resource management and international leadership and management. The development of intercultural competencies includes the improvement of strategic, individual, professional, social and linguistic competences to reach an intercultural understanding between individuals of different origins. We develop intercultural competences in individuals, teams and organizations through intercultural trainings and coachings. Face-to-face and virtually.

Culture-specific competence:
Cooperating in Southern Africa, Germany and the USA

The way how we communicate, cooperate and work together across cultures influences the work relationships, the work situations, the strategies and routines in organisations and the organisational culture. Intercultural communication competencies are important to create positive and trustful relationships to fulfill organisational goals and gain success.

We train leaders and employees how to work and cooperate with individuals and organizations across cultures. We focus especially on Southern Africa, Germany and the USA. Our trainings include culture-specific knowledge and business communication, culture-specific competence on how to make life and work successful in Southern Africa, Germany and the USA.

Managing intercultural conflicts
and mediation processes

We support individuals and organisations in resolving conflict and using conflict potentials to create better relationships and cooperation across cultures. We coach leaders and teams how to resolve conflict constructively – especially in diverse work contexts. We also conduct conflict negotiation and intercultural mediation processes within organizations to transform conflicts into new opportunities.

Leading and team-building across cultures

To lead successfully across cultures is a complex skill. We prepare and coach leaders to lead successfully in complex organizational, intercultural and international contexts. Thereby, we focus on the development of the leader, leadership skills and intercultural competences, as well as on the development of the team.


Leading culturally diverse and complex organizations needs not only leadership qualities, but also intercultural strategies to lead diverse teams and employees. We support leaders and teams to go through team development processes, to deal with the complexities of rapid changes, and to develop towards successful international cooperation. Face-to-face and virtually.

Competence Assessment

We offer the assessment of personality preferences and intercultural competences and coach leaders and employees to develop mindfully.


The Intercultural Profiler® (TIP®) is a feedback tool developed by the World Work Ltd. to help you to build better working relationships with international colleagues and stakeholders from different national and cultural backgrounds. Our trainers are certified by World Work Ltd.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment is one of the most popular personality assessment tools for the development of people globally. It is a robust tool of self-assessment and development. The tool assesses:

  1. where your focus of attention is (extroversion / introversion)
  2. how you take in information (sensing / intuition)
  3. the way you make decisions based on the information (thinking / feeling), and
  4. how you deal with the world (judging / perceiving).

Our trainers are certified by The Myers-Briggs Company

The Murphy-Meisgeier-Type-Indicator for Kids® (MMTIC®) has been developed for the psychological assessment of children and adolescents to develop self-awareness and strengths, self-management and career paths.
Trainers working at our institute are CAPT-certified MMTIC® trainers.