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"Great discoveries and improvements invariably involve the cooperation of many minds."

– Alexander Graham Bell

About Us

We support organisations and their employees in managing international and intercultural business complexities effectively. Based on our own research and international work experiences, we transform challenges into business opportunities and successful intercultural cooperation.


We provide services in five different areas.

We offer...

Developing intercultural competences through training and coaching

Intercultural competence is one of the key competences of leaders and employees in organizations, human resource management and international leadership and management.

Culture-specific competence: Cooperating in Southern Africa, Germany and the USA

The way how we communicate, cooperate and work together across cultures influences the work relationships, the work situations, the strategies and routines in organisations and the organisational culture.

Managing intercultural conflicts and mediation processes

We support individuals and organisations in resolving conflict and using conflict potentials to create better relationships and cooperation across cultures.

Leading and team-building across cultures

To lead successfully is a complex skill. We prepare and coach leaders to lead successfully in complex organizational, intercultural and international contexts.


We offer the assessment of personality preferences and intercultural competences and coach leaders and employees to develop mindfully.