Coaching is an interactive, person-oriented consultation process. It is based on a confidential and trustful interaction of the coach and the coachee. Professionals are supported to address their occupational concerns and challenges. Coaching is an effective tool to develop intercultural competencies in managers and teams. It can also be used to apply change in organisational context. During the coaching process goals are defined and resources of the coachee are activated to set the potentials of the coachee free. The coaching process develops along these clearly defined goals within a defined time frame.

Our coaching processes are characterized by the inclusion of systemic and intercultural perspectives. The vision, the aims and the concerns of the coachee are treated with regard to individual and organisational processes and their systemic embeddedness. Challenges which refer to international, intercultural and culture-specific systems will be considered professionally.

We offer

  • Coaching to cope with challenges in international management
  • Coaching to develop the organisation and organisational processes
  • Coaching to improve strategic management in the organisation
  • Coaching to develop intercultural management competencies
  • Coaching to develop human resource management in the organisation
  • Coaching to develop teams and teamwork in the organisation.

We offer coaching processes for individual and teams. We also offer tele-coaching options to complement individual and team coaching processes.