MBTI® Personality Assessment

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) assessment is a personality assessment tool that has been used by millions of people worldwide understand themselves and how they interact with others, based on the psychological type theory of Carl G. Jung.

The MBTI® explores:

  1. where your focus of attention is (extroversion / introversion)
  2. how you take in information (sensing / intuition)
  3. the way you make decisions based on the information (thinking / feeling), and
  4. how you deal with the world (judging / perceiving).

The tool assists in improving how people communicate, learn, and work.

It provides a powerful framework for self-assessment, building improved relationships, understanding teams and team interaction, driving positive change, implementing innovation and successful leadership, and achieving excellence.

The MBTI® is easy to grasp, reliable and valid. It is not a test, but rather a personality type indicator that refers to individual and group preferences in learning and working. The tool is available in more than 20 languages and has been validated through international research across cultures.

The MBTI® can be used through a wide rage of applications and helps in individual leadership and team development, conflict and stress management, as well as career transfer and planning.

You can use MBTI® Step I (Form M) oder MBTI® Step II (Form Q)) forms in print or online versions of the questionnaires which will take 20 to 35 inutes of your time. The forms to use will be chosen according to your insight and development needs.

We will consult with you on the form to choose.

Trainers working at our institute are CCP certified MBTI® trainers.

MMTIC® Personality-Assessment

Besides working with the MBTI®-Personality-Assessment for adults, we also work with the Murphy-Meisgeier-Type-Indicator for Kids (MMTIC®) which has been developed for psychological assessment of children and adolescents from 7 to 18 years of age.

This psychological assessment instrument is founded in the same theoretical framework as the MBTI®-Personality-Assessment. It serves the exploration of the psychological personality preferences of children and adolescents.

The MMTIC® provides responses to questions regarding the focus of awareness, the ways of gaining information, decision-making processes and the ways of dealing with the environment. This assessment-tool is primarily used to increase (self-)awareness of strengths in children and adolescents, self-management abilities and to explore possible career preferences and career paths.

Trainers working at our institute are CAPT certified MMTIC® trainers.

For more information on the MBTI® or MMTIC® assessment and coaching, please contact us.